VR Sports to Corporate Training

Besides gaming, in 2015, Virtual Reality (VR) initially found a home in professional and amateur sports.  Companies quickly found a training niche with a half-dozen NFL Teams and NCAA football teams.  Subsequently, the same companies also discovered that sports training was labor intensive and limiting in the amount of potential sports related clientele.  They shifted their focus to corporate training because the business opportunities were so much more expansive.

This video shares the story of one NFL coaches experience utilizing VR training modules.  This type of testimonial paved the way for companies to enter the corporate training environment.




Walmart Virtual Reality Training

A small sample of what Walmart is doing with Virtual Reality in terms of training. For those that missed the announcement, in the fall of 2018, Walmart sent 17,000 VR headgear to their 4500 stores.


Vuzix AR Smart Glasses

These Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses are now delivering. A bit pricey at $999 but that price will come down with time. This video provides a great breakdown of AR smart glasses capabilities.


Virtual Reality HIV Education

While I did not appreciate the first sentence of simply reducing being gay to having sex with other men, this is an interesting Virtual Reality (VR) application. I hope that the quantitative results are published.